West Lancashire Steel Services: BS EN 1090-1 CE Marking

Steel Supply –

All of our range of stocked steel products are purchased from approved steel suppliers and are supported by CE marked certification traceable to the appropriate national/international standards.

Certification is available and will be provided if requested at the time of the order.

All our processes for the control and supply of steel products and services are certified to BS EN ISO9001

Shotblast and paint –

We have sought advice from various national steelwork professional organisations/associations regarding whether BS EN 1090-1 is applicable to the shotblast and paint services we provide. Although there seems to be varying degrees of opinions on the subject we have not had definitive feedback/clarification either way on if the standard applies or not to the shotblast and paint activities.

Therefore as a business we have taken the decision that until this situation is clarified we do not intend to become certified for BS EN 1090-1 (CE Marking). We have not encountered any documented evidence to state that BS EN 1090-1 is applicable to these processes.

All our processes for the control of Shotblast and coating services are certified to BS EN ISO9001.