Shotblasting -

Shotblasting is a surface finishing technique that involves rapidly impacting the surface of an object with a controlled stream of abrasive shot material.

We use the world's biggest shot supplier to make sure we use only the finest product to get the best finish. S390 steel grit is used to clean and prepare the surface to the Swedish standard SA 2 1/2 Grade surface finish.

We are specialists in shotblasting steel from small gates to large structural frames and pipes. Everything is shotblasted prior to a high quality paint finish applied by skilled painters for a quality finish machines simply cannot offer. 

Our Pangborn SES machine with a 5 wheel assembly can Shotblast any size up to 18 Metres in length and it is regularly independantly inspected for blast profile.

Shotblasting is also used to create a better adhesion for galvanising and powder coating when required.

Shotblasting recycles the media and is environmentally friendly. It is used in almost every industry. Some of the industries we service include Water, Gas, Tube, Car, Aeronautical, Structural and Fabrication industries.